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AM&D Agriculture - Property Utilisation Analysis
Fodder Crop

Property Utilisation Analysis

A land suitability assessment should be viewed from many different perspectives:

  1. Productivity
  2. Workability
  3. Sustained use of the land
  4. Investment
  5. Geographic location to markets
  6. Rainfall/water and soil types

A land area where agricultural overproduction occurs cannot necessarily be associated with that of land highly suitable for that particular type of land use. Increasing yields could possibly result from an intensive use of fertilizers and irrigation. With current technology, land with low workability like steep slopes, shallow profiles, and high content of cobbles, boulders, and stones, can still be managed to attain a certain level of productivity, but at a relatively high cost. The issue is whether or not that area will be capable of sustaining such a use for a prolonged period. AM&D Agriculture will ensure whatever area of agriculture you want to be involved in the land that is purchased has the potential to be fully utilised for the intended purpose. There are many options available to the agricultural investor; sheep for wool and / or meat production, beef cattle, goats, dairy, cropping or a mixture.